Teaching and Coaching

Learn the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique from a certified teacher 

As well as being a conservatory trained actor, I am passionate about my work as a theatre coach and youth mentor.

I have been a resident counselor and Acting coach at Theatricks Theatre Co 4 Kids since 2007. There I have encouraged youth (ages six to seventeen) to explore their love of theatre, while introducing a variety of performance skills and techniques. At Theatricks we promote a safe and free environment for young artists to develop their own voice and foster the seemingly endless limits of their imagination.

In my final year at the University of Windsor, I had the opportunity to assist in the teaching of Advanced Acting and Improvisation for the Theatre with Lionel Walsh. Through teaching the class and preparing their extracurricular study, I demonstrated and deconstructed a variety of detailed rehearsal exercises with a focus on the work and philosophy of Michael Chekhov.


Nephew of famous playwright Anton Chekhov, Michael was introduced to the revolutionary work of Konstantin Stanislavski, Vsevolod Meyerhold, and Yevgeny Vakhtangov at an early age and quickly became one of their brightest pupils. Throughout his life Michael developed a technique which unlocks a psychophysical connection in the body, deepens the life of character through playing truthfully in imaginary circumstances, and (among many other skills) builds unity in ensemble. 

In combination with my intensive study at the Moscow Art Theatre School in Russia during June of 2012, I have thrown myself headfirst into the technique, and I am now a certified teacher Michael Chekhov Acting Technique through the Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium in Kent, Ohio. 

If you are interested in learning more about the technique please contact me for details on potential coaching and pedagogy!